About Us

Resume & Experience: Paul Annuzzi, Company Founder & Consultant

  • Founded P.L. Annuzzi, Inc. general contracting in 1989 with forty-eight years in the construction industry, project management and site management experience, CL#626214
  • Maintaining client relationships and account consulting
  • SFIA Security Access – Badged
  • Preconstruction Consultant

Resume & Experience: Daniel Kelly, Owner & President

  • Over 30 years of construction industry experience with project management & site management experience, CL#770245
  • Marketing & Building client relationships, Technical & Project management/administrative consultant, Precon-budgeting & value engineering consultant
  • Account Executive Supervision, Project Cost Control Review, Quality Review
  • Code enforcement & safety program reviews
  • SFIA Security Access – Badged
  • Preconstruction Consultant

Resume & Experience: Richard Cross, Vice President of Operations and Project Management

  • Over 28 years of construction industry experience, CL#921865
  • Director of Operations
  • Senior Manager of Client Accounts
  • Senior Estimator
  • Scheduling
  • Corporate Liaison to SFIA
  • Safety Manager
  • SFIA Security Access – Badged
  • Preconstruction Consultant

Qualifications & Experience: PLA Superintendent Team

  • Our superintendents average 15 years in the construction industry specializing in tenant improvement, medical facility, retail, food service and all aspects of airport work.
  • Our superintendents are trained and Security Access badged for San Francisco International Airport, local medical hospitals, and high security locations work.